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Koh Chang Residence Luxury Villas on Koh Chang Island, Thailand - Koh Chang Residence

Koh Chang Residence

Cozy Villa at Kai Bae Beach Koh Chang


Koh Chang Residence

We are more than a vacation house for rent. This is your second home- for you to relax and for you to rest- make yourself at home.

Koh Chang Residence welcomes you with a calming, peaceful atmosphere, with a house surrounded by large trees, designed to blend in with nature. To not interfere with the trees that came before us and to conserve them as a natural cover from the sun. We have a lot of space free to adapt for use both inside and outside.

We have provided for you the daily essentials such as kitchenware so that it is as convenient for you as possible throughout your stay with us. At Koh Chang Residence, we have a wooden balcony so that you can fully enjoy the tropical climate, a garden always available to calm your mind and relieve you of the suffocating feelings from a crowded city, with large trees providing shade to the area. Aside from this, we also have various flowers, fruits, and an all-natural vegetable garden you can pick from to enjoy or use in your cooking.

Our houses are within a 10 minute's walk to the beach, equipped with many water sport activities. They are also within a 5 minute's walk of the many shops and convenience stores.

Koh Chang Residence will always welcome you into our home.

Our house is after all, yours as well.

Welcoming you always

Koh Chang Residence

Our home is your home.

at Kai Bae Beach Koh Chang


Koh Chang Residence

Koh Chang Island

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